Tech & Support

Laboratory Facilities

Two laboratories are used for product development and quality control and are fully supplied with relevant equipment, reagents and services. Expert personnel are involved with both development and QC to include experienced qualified chemists and chemical engineers.


The laboratory is fully equipped to measure a wide range of parameters to ensure effective quality control of products. Industry standard procedures to determine physical and chemical properties such as viscosity, density, colour, freezing point, boiling point, flash point, solubility, volatiles, water content, COD, BOD are employed. Instrumental techniques include InfraRed analysis, spectrophotometry, microscopy, Particle size Analysis and potentiometric analysis.

Application Testing

Application tests designed to meet specific customer requirement are routinely used to monitor the performance of standard products and to assist in product development.


All process operators have a minimum of 5 years experience and trainee operators are supervised at all times throughout their training program.

The management team supervises all ‘new’ products manufactured on site until such time that any potential problems have been ironed out. Following this, standard quality control applies.

Quality Control

Quality control of manufactured products is maintained against a strict set of procedures. Products cannot be packaged off without the QC technician authorising that quality has been met. All process operators are fully trained to QC test batches throughout the manufacturing process up until final QC authorisation.

J1 Technologies have been awarded ISO 9001 2008 in June 2010 which reflects its commitment to Quality and Customer Service.